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Phase by E C Newman

Tested friendships, teen romance, and boys (as well as girls) who just so happen to shift into werewolves … honestly, what more could a reader ask for when reading a young adult novel? With a recipe like this, spun together in a new and intriguing way, I have to say thatPhase by E C Newman is probably one of the best young adult books I have read this year; maybe, dare I say ever?

Sophie Todd hoped that her senior year would be different. Unfortunately, different seems to mean getting punched in the face for sticking up for the new girl, having her offer of friendship spurned by said new girl, and finally gaining the attention of her long-time crush, Ezra Varden, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s a tenuous friendship at best, but as Juliet starts to open up to Sophie, they both realize that the Vardens, Juliet’s foster family, is not your average family. They’re extremely close-knit—freakishly so—but they welcomed a complete stranger into their home, which just so happens to have the largest meat freezer anyone’s ever seen … and certainly no one said anything about Ezra and the wolves.

Sophie Todd, a seventeen year old awkward teenager who could easily be labeled as “the good girl,” meets and befriends the new girl and sort of loner Juliet after intervening a fist fight between Juliet and the school’s most hateful bully. The new and unlikely friendship that forms between them  is almost sisterly; something that neither one of them ever imagined could happen. But unfortunately, behind Juliet lies a secret; a secret that even Juliet is clueless about. You see, Juliet is a shifter; a shifter who is able to turn into a wolf at the drop of a hat. But Sophie, the most bound and determined heroine ever, vows to stick out the friendship and the drama of it all, even after the truth is exposed.

Along with the drama, you’ve got to throw in a cute boy; enter Juliet’s new foster brother and Sophie’s long time crush Ezra. Now, not only does Sophie have a new best friend, but she also has the attention of a boy she’s been desperate for since the day she first met him. But what happens when a traitor is in the mix of it all, threatening Sophie’s new found happiness and Juliet’s new found family? Well, if you really want to know, then I suggest that you run, as fast as you can and purchase Phase!

Yea! I have finally found a heroine that I can truly relate to! Sophie is absolutely fantastic! I loved how real and down to earth this girl was. She is awkward like I said before, but she is also smart and talented, caring and loving, and most of all, she is a true voice for a teenage girl in the fictional world of books. I also adored the side characters in Phase. Juliet was tough as nails, and very protective of Sophie; something that was new and refreshing. It’s usually the male hero of a story that takes that roll and believe me when I say I love that part of books, but I found the aspect of Juliet taking on that job to be a very new and intriguing idea. And I can’t forget Ezra. Sigh … teenage girls everywhere will be swooning for him; who am I kidding, I was swooning for him too. He was extremely  loyal to Sophie, even before the pair really started to hit it off. I loved him and his ability to try to make things right when everything was going wrong. Overall, you won’t find a better guy then Ezra.

There are two sides to the young adult genre; the sweet side and the push the boundaries side. Phase was definitely more on the sweet side and surprisingly, I absolutely, positively loved it! I loved it so much in fact, that I will put it up there in my top ten favorite young adult books ever. Phase was a fast-paced, can’t put it down for a minute type of story. The writing was smooth, never dragging at any point in the story, and I was completely enthralled throughout the entire four hours I read it. Then when I finally had to walk away, I was left with a permanent grin on my face. I really truly hope that EC Newman is planning on writing a sequel to Phase because I need one … very badly!

So in the end, do I recommend Phase? You bet I do; especially to readers who love young adult books. Phase is a wonderful new addition to my book world and I’m not ashamed to say I am completely addicted to it!

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