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Summer Thoughts

I don’t know if that’s a good title. It sounds more like I have thoughts about summer, whether that’s the sweltering heat and humidity or just not being in school. Maybe about the fact that technically I’m in the summer of my life as I’m to old for spring and too young for fall. Oh there goes my English teacher brain again.

This is more just a realization that during summer, or perhaps any time where I’m less busy and not interacting as much with people, I think a lot. I’m doing some homework for my online class and then I check Instagram and Facebook and see certain posts, and I’m back in a spiral of thoughts about my life, my choices and circumstances.

I’m not sure how healthy it is that I do this much thinking.

I like thinking. I love pondering stories, making connections with other forms of media. I thought that the Green Man in A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness spoke a lot like Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia. In watching Stranger Things season 3, I regularly picked out the allusions to 80s media, and even allusions to season 1 of the show (I felt like that was a little heavy-handed of them). Today, I wondered why we like 80s nostalgia so much: Is it the lack of technology that makes stories feel more tangible (no one shows up at someone’s unannounced any more. you text first that you’re coming)? Is it just that those of us who lived through the 80s are the main creators now?. I’ve read half of The Cheerleaders today and I’m mentally noting what Kara Thomas (author) chooses to share and not share as the mystery unfolds. I’m also trying to compose in my head what my paper over Eleanor & Park will be about for same class.

In acting school, nearly every teacher of mine (no matter if they taught Stage Combat or Monologue Work) told me I was in my head too much or I overthought things. Being an actor is about being present and in the moment, and being physical. I’m better at the being present stuff, but the rest of it…It really makes sense that I’m a teacher and a writer, not an actress anymore. I like being in my head. It’s interesting there. It’s also safe. For the most part.

Do other people spend as much time alone, staring out the window, wishing it would seriously rain while also debating on whether or not Spider-Man: Far From Home was narratively satisfying?

The view out my window, while I avidly wish for rain.

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