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When Did My Summer Fill Up?

It’s been over two months since I posted last. For awhile I did well being weekly on posting, but then the last two months of school happened. Everything goes into hyperdrive and now that it’s over, maybe I can get back to this. Because the summer is chill time, right?

What did I do to myself?

I decided that on top of trying to finish the edit of Phase (it has come back from the copyeditor and is not an easy fix), edit Shift to send to the copyeditor), finish Phase 3, finish the LA story, maybe start a podcast (that is still in the works, I’m trying to do it right and not jump the gun without proper planning)…I would also take a literature class online.

Because why not?

The real reason(s) I decided to take a class: I have not written an academic paper in probably fifteen years, and I would really like to make sure that I’m properly teaching my students how to write college papers. And it sounded fun (Literature for the Adolescent). I only have to read (reread four) seven novels in about seven weeks, write seven one-page papers, take quizzes, write discussion posts, and have a final paper of seven to eight pages at the end.

This summer also requires me to read two new books for teaching British Literature next year (I’m back with the seniors).

I don’t think I realized how much I just put on my plate. But I’ve finished the first of the seven and am working on thinking through the paper already.

It’ll be fine, right? Right?

books and notebooks brought for an eight-day Florida trip

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