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So I Wanted To Post Today

And although I have six different post ideas in my drafts, all of them seem to require way too much introspection for me at this moment. I’m recovering from Spring musical weekend at the school I teach at, and although I went to bed so very early last night, I woke up at 1 am, and have yet to fall back asleep (as I type this it is now nearly 5am). I think any thoughtful post I make very well may just be incoherent or plain random.

But I’m working on being a consistent blogger, and Mondays are my day of posting, so here I am: possibly sick, definitely tired, and counting down the days to Spring Break (twelve if you count today).

Oh yeah, I was in this musical too. More on that next post. (credit to the director’s wife for taking this from the stage left wing)

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