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Book Series I Intend to Finish (someday)

So to add to my earlier post about New Year’s Resolutions (only the book ones cause those are the only ones that matter), I thought about the books I have that are now completed series (none that are ongoing will be included in this list) that I just stopped reading, or forgot about or for any other reason. Not because I didn’t like the series (that’s a list that I don’t intend to make cause there’s enough negativity in my life and on social media).

So, without further ado (although I can ‘ado’ for a really long time if anyone needs me to), the list:

Curse Workers series by Holly Black. I read the first and own that and the second. It’s only three books and I really liked the first one. Black can be awesome one book, but the next book I won’t like. But I dug this series. And it’s only a trilogy, so yes, I’d have to read the first one again, but it wouldn’t take that long (if not during the school year, I could finish it in a day or two).

Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. I kept up with this one for years. Just sort of got busy with the last few at the end. There are eight books in the series, and I have all but the last one. If I remember correctly, I’ve read the first six. You’ll notice number 2 is missing from my photo. My nephew has it and I haven’t gotten it back yet.

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. If you’ve been following me for any length of time on any sort of social media platform, you know I love Peter Pan, and anything related. I loved the first book back when it first came out. I have it and the second, but never got through the second. I don’t think there was any problem with it, just got busy with other books. There’s only five in the series, so it’s totally doable.

The Lord Peter Wimsey Stories by Dorothy L. Sayers. There’s only twelve of them. And I’ve read nine of them, and a majority of the short stories as well. So close. I’m in Murder Must Advertise, which I’ll need to restart because it’s been years. I own most of the series and the miniseries episodes with both versions of Lord Peter. I love this author, this series, and have the biggest book crush on Lord Peter as well.

James Bond series by Ian Fleming. The books are possibly better than the movies. Better than most of the campy Roger Moore movies, for sure. Maybe not better than the best Bond flicks. I’ve read the first six, and there’s fourteen, so it might take awhile. I also don’t own any more than those six.

Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. I think the second book, Crooked Kingdom was on my list to read last year…I’ve done so well, haven’t I? At least it’s only two books and I didn’t read the first that long ago so I’d have to reread it.

The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater. I read the first one a long time ago and received both it and the final book The Raven King when I went to the ALAN conference back in 2016. Also, got them signed by Ms. Stiefvater herself. I would have to reread the first one and get the middle two as well, but I liked the unique magic and the characters.

Jackaby series by William Ritter. Now, this is recent and I’ve been keeping up. I just haven’t read the last one in the tetralogy because it was in hardcover and I have only paperbacks. It’s been building up to be quite a finale, so I can’t wait to read that. eventually. Like in my free time.

If I had the kind of free time to read like I wanted to, well, I’d probably be unemployed.

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