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The Exciting Weekend Plans of Me

So, i just finished my first edits of the new Shift (to coincide with the new Phase). I have some more to do; bigger stuff with order of scenes, and some questions that need answers threaded through, but the more tedious stuff is done. And school’s not even out for break yet. Two more days of exams and then freedom. And by freedom, I mean, grading every day so it doesn’t pile up for right before the new semester starts.

I think I should make a new year’s resolution to stop procrastinating. Surely at age…that age I am…, I should have better time management. Right?

You might notice over on the sidebar that I have less social media links. I quit Tumblr and Twitter in the last few months. Tumblr sucks away my time and the fandom that I was in, and why I joined, has moved in a direction that I’m not really into. Twitter is just a lot of angry people finding things to be angry about and I don’t enjoy that. Especially when it’s all about points of view that I tend to see validity in on all sides. So, I quit both. I just have Facebook (tried and true), Instagram (photos of my dog shouldn’t anger anyone, right?) and my youtube channel that I haven’t updated in two years because editing is not easy for me and they changed how iMovie works, and I can’t figure it out.

Anyone want to edit videos for me? I will provide smiles and hugs, provided you’re nearby.

Pretty much my Christmas shopping is done. Not the wrapping. I wait forever on that. But having that out of the way is nice. And I think I did pretty good on picking presents for people. Which I’m realizing is way, way more fun than receiving gifts. 

So, I plan to blog more during break. Also, I’m thinking of trying to blog once a week. I feel like consistency would be appreciated by anyone who reads my blog. It might not always be as long as some of my posts, but once a week seems doable.

After all, writing what goes on in my head is sort of my thing. Have you read my books? 

Merry Christmas early!!

My Christmas candle is half gone. 😦

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