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It’s actually October…

I wish I could say that my time away from this blog has been oh so exciting and therefore, I have a lot to tell. I wish I could say that.

It hasn’t been uneventful, by any means. School has been a lot more involved. For the first time, I’m teaching three different literature classes (normally I just do two), and that has been a little difficult to navigate as far as keeping up with grading, assigning, teaching, and in general, the craziness of teacher life. Not only that, but it’s my first time teaching American Lit at this present school. So, some of the books are new to me, and some of it isn’t, but is taught differently. Also, a big big chunk of my life recently was filled with organizing and running our school’s Fall Festival, the junior fundraiser for Prom. It was this past Tuesday and not everything is all tallied up and finished, but preliminary reports seem like it was a success. This is a very, very good thing. Mostly because I am not comfortable with leadership roles, and usually prefer secondary positions. I had really great help from all sides, and I’m pretty sure that’s why it was a success. More than anything astounding I did.

In story news, I have finished the redone version of Phase and sent it off to my agency last week.  I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’ll definitely post about that process (I will soon learn about self-publishing!!) here. While I’m waiting on that, I have my notes for Shift to rework, and if I can get that done quickly (relatively), I can get back to the third book (which might have a third title change, I can’t keep doing this). All the while, still teaching, grading, and occasionally having a social life (which really is overrated).

It’s not much, but it’s certainly busy. In fact, school theatre hasn’t even started for me yet, so this lull in extracurriculars won’t last long. 🙂


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