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Waiting and working

(the photo is just because I haven’t used a lot of my Universal Studios pictures yet)


I’ve finished redoing Phase, so that now it is in the hands of several reader/writer friends to make sure I haven’t lost anything important with the changes. I hope to get feedback next week, so August will come and Phase will be with those powers that be that know self-publishing (this will be a learning experience for sure). This is of course assuming that the feedback doesn’t require anything major (I’m metaphorically crossing my fingers).

While I wait, I’m going through Shift to change anything that will no longer make sense due to the Phase changes. I don’t think it’ll be much, but I’m on page 84 and I’ve marked a lot of little things that just bug me, or don’t seem to be worded as well as I feel they could.


I finished this two years ago and was extremely proud of how my writing skills had grown. How can I still be finding things to tweak?

To sorta make it my own: ‘writing is never finished, just abandoned’ (the original quote is replaces ‘writing’ with ‘poem’ by Paul Valery). And that seems to be what’s going on here. With the opportunity to redo these books and republish them, I’m finding that there are things to fix. Things I really want to make better. And once that is done, complete the third book (which might have just gotten a title change as I pondered it), and then work on one of the probably ten stories I have in various stages of development.

This is my life. And I really do like it most days.

In other summer is ending news, I’m down to my last book to read before school starts (I have more I want to read for school, but I settled on four that I wished to have done before the students arrive). One new class, one class I haven’t taught in three years, and my regular Honors Tenth which I’m reworking again and this school year seems to be shaping up as a very full one. It’ll be my sixth year at this school and my eighth for full-time teaching overall. I’ve been here in Georgia five years this August 5th. How insane is that?

I’d better get back to working on Shift. I want the first two done and in publishing transit as soon as possible so I can focus solely on the third book. Or as I usually do, focus on the third book and fiddle with another novel on the side because I’m that kind of author.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting and working

  1. I can’t wait to read the changes. I am also patiently/anxiously awaiting the third book in the series. Good luck with school.

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