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Change in plans

So, I’m still in North Carolina, but about two hours closer to home. Staying with my godparents for the evening, then on to Asheville tomorrow to see some friends who just happen to be in one of my favorite cities. Then back to Mom and Dad on Sunday, then Georgia on Monday.

At least I’m not doing the drive in one fell swoop.

But really, the big news is:     fullsizeoutput_769

Yep, I finished the rehaul/revision/massive edit of Phase on May 30, 2018; one day before my own deadline. And I’m not going to look at it until July 1st. I want to, in fact I had to talk myself out of going back to the beginning and checking on things because I have ideas (those ideas and that brain needs a break). I didn’t think I could make it, despite the retreat and actual time to focus mostly because I don’t trust myself on deadlines. If my employer gives me one, sure, it gets done. When I give myself one, not so much. It’s so easy to justify and rationalize my own laziness. But I did it. And I really think that’s it’s already better, even though I know it needs polishing.

So, you may ask, what are you planning to do during the month of June, Eden? Well, reader of my own imagination, I’m so glad you asked. I’m going to work on Phase 3.  It’s at 27k and I’d like to double that word count. I don’t know if it’s possible, so I’m gonna say 20k. Which is about 1000 words a day week days. Which I believe I can do, or used to do when I was writing my first book back in the summer of 2008 for grad school. I could easily do 2000 words a day, but that was less knowledgeable me and I think too much now. Probably. Maybe. We’ll see.

But my writing retreat was successful as that’s done. I spent most of yesterday binge-watching both new animes, and some rewatches.

Don’t judge me, my brain needed a break.

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