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Our Town (Review)

our town

Reading the play isn’t like seeing it, and I got to see it once, in 2003 on Broadway with Paul Newman playing Stage Manager. And it was one of the more magical theatre experiences of my life. I’d somehow gotten a theatre major without ever reading Our Town, and hadn’t still until today. It loses something in just the script, I’m sure and I barely remember the plot from seeing it 15 years ago (jeez), but I remembered I didn’t want to leave the theatre and just sat there while my classmates and the rest of the audience left. I was in awe, mesmerized and deeply touched.

Reading this didn’t do that, but it did bring back that moment of sheer wonder and sadness that the play caused. And reminded me of Paul Newman’s voice that made me wish he was my grandfather. I honestly don’t think you can completely get this play unless you’ve seen it.

four out of five stars.

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