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Now that the rights are back in my hands…

I’m doing quite a bit of thinking what to do with my Phase Trilogy (because it is a trilogy, the third one is trucking along. slowly trucking, but trucking). The rights are mine which means I can do pretty much whatever I want with Phase and Shift. They could sit in my computer till doomsday if I wanted.

But I don’t want that. I want them out there for whatever reader who stumbles upon them. I want the third one out there so it’s a complete story. I want it to be read.

So, it’s a good chance they will be republished, mostly likely in the form of self-publishing. The covers will be new as the original covers are the property of my former publisher. I’m thinking of redoing and fixing some things about Phase (maybe Shift if I need to), and getting closer to the third one being done and then self-publishing them intermittently, perhaps each six months. That way no one is waiting years (which is totally my bad) for the next piece of the story. They’ll probably be very little marketing as it is all on me, so I wouldn’t expect much fanfare.

Then I’ll work on some of the new stories that are marinating in my brain, and move on.

It was hard. This news. But I’m hopeful that as often happens with obstacles in life, this will turn out even better for me, for the stories and for my readers, both the current and the future ones.

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