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Summer is ending

I have a mere ten days left of summer break and I’m completely on the other side of the country. Knowing that my family and I will be crossing a good 3000 miles in a mere week is daunting, but it’s been a good trip. We’ve seen friends and family (my extended family, but cousins are cousins no matter how much blood is familial), seeing the beauty of the stark desert of the Southwest and the bright blue of coastal California (both southern and northern).


We still have a few national parks to hit during the last week of the trip, so expect more postcard worthy photos (it’s definitely not my skill as a smart phone photographer). When we were in Long Beach, we went up to Los Angeles and hit some of my old haunts (I left over ten years ago) and it was both nostalgic, but kind of sad because my impact on those places is nonexistent for the most part. And that’s okay, I wasn’t trying to be memorable, but you still want to leave some sort of legacy even in a city like LA.

Just places I worked, lived, schooled and saw often.

I’ve been writing this week. Probably a total of a little over 3000 words which puts me about a fourth of the way through the third book. Which was not the original goal this summer, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve learned that I just have to let myself write without debating if it’s written ‘well’ or not because if I do, nothing will get written. I miss my naive little self who wrote Phase before becoming an English teacher. It was so easy when I knew less. Now, I have great classics that I teach as well as my own growth as a writer telling me I’ve used the word ‘look’ way too many times.

It’s a first draft, kid. It’s made to suck. 🙂

That’s pretty much it on this end. I’ll end with some photos of the gorgeous Cerritos Millenium Library in Los Cerritos, CA. I would live there if I could.

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