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Much Ado About Nothing (mini rant)

I mean really, Claudio is such a jerk. He never goes to discuss the accusation or hear Hero’s story. Just sees something shady and is like, ‘I’m going to shame her in front of everyone’ in thatday and age when a woman is completely RUINED by that. Yeah, he’s young, but the Prince, Don Pedro, who has taken Claudio under his wing, allows this! And Leonato, convinced this is true (still hasn’t really talked it over with his daughter), is like ‘I wish you were dead’ to his only child.

Seriously, Benedick might say some harsh things about women and marriage in the beginning, but at least when trouble comes, he sticks by the women and supports the Friar (who is a solid guy).

The men in this play…I’m beginning to think that either Shakespeare was a bit man-hating or didn’t recognize that the men in his comedies are idiots (Midsummer is another that comes to mind).

One thought on “Much Ado About Nothing (mini rant)

  1. I’ve not read Much Ado…but yeah, I’ve found at least one colossal a$$ in every Shakespeare comedy I’ve read. And then to top it off…everyone is easily reconciled in the end. I suppose that’s part of what makes it a comedy, but I find it quite implausible.

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