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Just A Piece of Metal

This summer I got rearended. It was enough damage that I had to go get quotes, deal with the other guy’s insurance, find out what it is to salvage a car in Georgia (don’t ask, it’s awful) and come to the sad, sad conclusion that it was time to say goodbye to my car of over 15 years.

This is Puck.


I got him middle of my freshman year of college. He’s a 96 RAV4, the only year they made the 2-door version. He was already nearly 4 years old when I got him and he was really my first car. No cruise control, manual windows and locks. I’ve replaced the timing belt, the battery and what seems like a million other things in him (and it mostly happened in Los Angeles where it cost a small fortune to my meager existence there). We had him repainted a few years ago, so he looks pretty good for nearly being two decades old. This car was with me through college, my years in Los Angeles. I left him behind for my year in England, but we were back together in Illinois (both times) and the hard year I lived at home and now for two years in here Georgia.

For a military kid, the only beings that have been around me longer are my family and a couple of friends.

I’ve never gotten guys and their cars. Here, my students have a serious connection with their trucks (I don’t get half the stuff they add to these vehicles. I just nod and smile a lot). I have no desire for a fancy car of some well-known brand, no any goal to ever own something like that (minus an alfa romeo spyder cause have you seen those? they are pretty!).

But when I realized my time with Puck (of Midsummer fame, not hockey-related) was at its ended, I choked up. I’ve cried in that car. I remember trying to find a place to be alone in college and getting in the car and driving off campus just to really cry and just be. I’ve had at least one kiss outside of it. He and I have battled snowy roads, blinding rain, and the Los Angeles (and Atlanta) traffic together. I love this car.

We (Dad with his eye for a bargain) found a new car. So I drove up to TN a few weeks ago, dropped off Puck and bought my second car. I felt/feel like a traitor for even enjoying the new (to me) car. I drove home and left Puck with my parents.


And last Monday, the insurance people came to pick him up. I don’t know what they did with him. I like to pretend that they will auction him and some person who knows cars will buy him, fix the back door and move the muffler back into place and enjoy him for several more years.


This is him on his last day.

So, it’s a little silly, but I felt he needed to be acknowledged on my blog. A good car, a faithful, awesome and loyal car. Who’s been with me almost half my life. You will be missed, Puck. You were and are still loved. I don’t care that cars aren’t supposed to have feelings. I know you got me.

::deep breath::

And this is Sayers. May she last and be as faithful as Puck.


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2 thoughts on “Just A Piece of Metal

  1. Well you hooked me. I thought Just a Piece of Metal was a book title, and I’d never heard of it, and it sounded intriguing. Cute post. Hope you like the new ride.

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