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Book Review – Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger

These are my thoughts as I was reading. I’m not sure they’re very deep or profound or impressively analytical, but sometimes I forget my first thoughts and I wanted to record them.

nine stories

“A Perfect Day For Bananafish” – was not predicting that ending. Though in hindsight, not surprising.

“Poor Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut” – senseless loss, phony suburban women…I really keep thinking I’m reading Fitzgerald.

“Just Before the War with the Eskimos”- I’m not really sure I understand this one. I feel like Ginnie just decides to be friends with Selena cause she digs the brother Franklin.”

“The Laughing Man” – a story within a story and one that makes me wish Salinger had been more overt in his writing. Definitely influenced by Hemingway and the lack of info.

“Down at the dingy” -I think the first one I’ve understood and the least cynical.”

“For Esme–with Love and Squalor” – by far my favorite story in this book. X and his broken nature from the war makes my heart ache, and Esme’s offering of her father’s watch nearly made me cry. The most optimistic yet real story I’ve read by Salinger.

“Pretty mouth and green my eyes” – not much for being into the story but Salinger’s ability to write realistic sounding dialogue, with its repetition, and unfinished thoughts is ridiculously superb.

“De Daumier-Smith’s Blue Period” – interesting. Something about the fact it’s a 19 year old narrator rings very true and I’m left with, how does Salinger come up with these story ideas?

“Teddy” – Where does he come up with this stuff? a 10 year old mystic on a cruise? The end is a little harrowing, but one again I’m completely in awe of how he writes. this had a similar religious bent like Zooey, but I followed this one a little easier. And it’s an interesting way of looking at the world even if I don’t agree.

Final thoughts: For Esme–with Love and Squalor was my favorite. Though each of them had something that I enjoyed. But really, Salinger is probably on my list of favorite authors now. Over style and word choice more than anything. Which is just unusual. for me.


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