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School is in Session

Already nearly into September, and I’ve been at it since the 13th of August. And before you ask, yes, it’s going well. This is the first time in my relatively short teaching career that I’ve taught the same literature class twice in a row. What a difference that makes!


I’ve been reading off and on. I finished the first volume of Y the Last Man by Brian Vaughn (graphic novel), which I really enjoyed. The concept of something wiping out all men and leaving only one and a male monkey is different and interesting. I like how there are different factions of women and how they respond (it’s not just hand-holding and singing kumbaya), the issues it brings up (things I’ve never really pondered), as well as a lot of humor.  I’m definitely going to continue the series.




I also started Outlander by Diana Galbadon, mostly because the show was starting and I was curious. I read about 1/3 of it, and decided not to continue. There were good parts; I found the history aspect interesting – the politics, the culture, the accents. But it wasn’t the most engaging of writing styles (for me) and once (SPOILERS) Claire and Jamie married, I was a bit…okay, that’s done so what now? I admit there might be something in the controversy over the books and their content that is making me hesitant to continue. It’s a brutal world she’s created and for me, I’m not sure I want to be in that world for over 600 pages.


On the writing front, not a lot. I’m hoping to get into a routine (Wednesdays are looking good) so I can finish this other novel (not related to Phase), first draft anyway, before Christmas. Or something like that. But with boxing classes (started in July) and joining a Bible study, my time on my own is less. I mean, that’s the point, right? I tend to isolate myself if I’m not careful, and now that I’m a little less stressed than last year (we’ll see how long that lasts), I need to make friends. I need to meet people unrelated to my school and give of myself to others. I am so selfish of my time (more than anything else) and I need to be better. It’s a struggle, but hopefully these few things I’ve joined will help.

Soon, I will have some more in depth book reviews…I swear (or hope) it.

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