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Why My Summer Has Had Some Serious Ups and Downs

If you prefer video, see below.

If you prefer me via written words, I’ll just do that. So back in May, I was told that due to some factors at the school I’ve worked at for the last two years, my position may not be available this coming fall. It wasn’t definitely, but they couldn’t offer me a contract for the 2013-2014, not just yet. I was not fired, despite the rumor that sprung up amongst my students. Just to reiterate that. So, my summer which was to include traveling to England and writing books, ended up being overrun with job-hunting. Which is basically a job unto itself. And there is nothing more depressing than job hunting because you are losing your job (not like, well, I think I need a better job, so I’ll stay at the one I have and search for a new one because I can. Not that I’d know. Really). Nothing makes you feel more incompetent than looking at a page or two of your employment past and meager accomplishments and thinking: is this all I’ve done with my life?

So needless to say…it’s been a rough couple of months. But.

I got a job!!! ::happy dance::

I did. I got a job in Georgia. Which means at this very moment, my apartment in Rockford, IL is in shambles as we (my folks and I) are trying to pack up all my stuff. It’s not just books, but man is there a lot of books. I will be teaching sophomore world lit in like two weeks, so time is of the essence. But I’m really excited to go, and sad to leave. I have some pretty awesome times in these last two years up here in the cold Midwest. Made some lovely friends. Learned from my colleagues and students. Just a bit sad to go.

But I’ll be so much closer to family (4hr drive compared to 11hr) and the school is really amazing.

I’m just still so excited. Even though I’ll be running on fumes for the next month. lol.

photo (7)

This is my sleeping arrangement for the next night or so because my bed’s already been dissembled. Yeah. We’re at that point.

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