Book Review – This Northern Sky by Julia Green

Look at this! An actual written post, a written book review. Calm down, I know, I’m in shock as well. 🙂

I should be doing a million other things right now, but I’m on the internets looking at all the cool Comic Con stuff (um, Loki, anyone? Holy cow) and decided that I really need to write about my former professor’s newest book before I read something else and forget all the loveliness.

northern skyBlurb: 

Kate’s parents are taking her on holiday with them to a cottage on a remote island in the Hebrides. Kate can’t imagine anything more boring. But underneath her sulkiness, Kate is scared. Her parents have been fighting and she knows that for her parents this holiday is make or break. Once at the cottage, Kate escapes – outside, anywhere. And there she meets the warmth of the islanders, who are prepared to accept her and to listen to her. And possibly fall in love with her . . .


This is my third book to read by Julia Green. As I’ve mentioned before (I’m fairly proud of this fact), she was a professor of mine when I went to graduate school out in Bath, England. She’s a lovely person as well, and definitely a great teacher. I loved Breathing Underwater by her which was released around when I left England. She has a great ability to create a wonderful atmosphere in her stories; some place the reader would like to hang out in with the characters. I’m not sure what it means when you say a writer is atmospheric, but to me, it means that the setting (which is incredibly important to the plot of this story) is alive and you, as the reader, are there. Not all books have this element.

Kate breaks my heart. She is going through some really crappy stuff with both her former boyfriend and her parents. I definitely got teary a bit in the course of her journey. I enjoy how the island had no appeal for her when she first arrives, but as she grows and becomes happier, the island becomes the beautiful place that it really is (yes, I want to visit it). The people that she meets are invigorating with their joy and passions. They aren’t perfect by any means, and I’m glad that Julia Green grounds her stories and characters so much in reality.

I really don’t want to say too much and give stuff away. Julia Green’s novels remind me of gentle waves that on occasion grow in height and intensity, but it’s never a rush to get to the finish. Her books aren’t super long, but the stories are very full. Julia Green has really perfected the quiet coming of age novel and if you’re interested, you need to get on that. Like now. 🙂


SOTM: Hearts a Mess by Gotye (Spotify won’t let me give you a link)

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