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Catching up

Coming home always sounds like it will be restful. I mean, it’s home, where my parents are. Where my room from high school days is empty with only a bed to mark that I was there. It’s in the South, where as you know, things just move slower. It’s not where my present life is, so it has to be restful, right?


In a week, I’ve been in a moving vehicle for 60 hours. If you take out the train ride last Saturday, it’s 54 hours. I drove a fair amount of those hours too. I’ve been left IL on Thursday, went back on Monday and returned to the South on Tuesday. Yeah, you read that right. I went to and from Atlanta twice in four days. I’ve seen Man of Steel and stared out the window of a train at the mountains and foliage of the South that I love so, so much. I’ve seen this sunset:

IMG_0612 IMG_0619 IMG_0616 IMG_0611Yes, this is all the same evening, just as we drove, it changed.

And yet, in all that busyness, I haven’t had any sweet tea since returning to TN. This is wrong.

The feature photo is my nephew and I at a restaurant. He is drinking my non-alcoholic pina colada. Yes, non-alcoholic, because I think it tastes better. He is one of the true joys in my life and I miss him terribly when I’m up North.

I also witnessed a car accident last Sunday. Mom was driving, Dad was in the passenger seat and my nephew and I were in the back. A truck pulling an RV (or whatever those are called) swerved several cars in front of us, and both vehicles ended up on their sides. It was frightening. But everyone stopped (on a six lane highway) and people just moved and helped. I’ve never seen anything like it. Dad jumped out to help and I got on my phone to call 911. People pulled the couple out of the car safely and in a matter of only six minutes, people were safe and I’d given all the information I could to the emergency operator. It felt longer, it felt both scary and amazing. I saw (I wish I’d taken photos of the dozen or so people holding up the car to get out the people) people helping and no one getting upset about being stopped or delayed. It was humanity at its best. And it took hours for me to come down from that.

Also, my dad was totally instrumental in helping the man out. My dad, total hero. 🙂

I’ve been writing some. It’s hard. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I used to write incessantly, hours upon hours of story-telling just flowing out of me. There’s something that’s been harder this time round with this book. I don’t know if it’s the expectations I’ve put on myself because of having a book published or if the story is just harder (probably both). I read the reviews that are negative about Phase. One of those wipes out fifteen positive reviews. And eventually I get over the hurt that someone would so carelessly negate my hard work, but I do find that there is something to be gained from those types of reviews. Quite often part of it, or all is constructive. Something that didn’t connect with the reader or throws him or her off. Sometimes, it’s just a personal issue and I, as an author, can’t do a thing about what a reader brings to the story. However, some of it, I’ve taken to heart and am trying to remedy in the next one.

I leave for England in four days. FOUR DAYS! I’ll be in London and Bath mostly, but there will be day trips to Cardiff and Oxford and maybe other places. Who knows?

I’m so ready to get away from my regular stuff just for a little while.

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