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Book Review – The Beauty in the Beasts



Hunched over in the corner was the beast; I could see a slight glow from his eyes, and I knew he had his gaze on me as he let out a tiny growl. I took another deep breath, “Hello,” I said weakly. The beast shifted and moved closer to me. “Hello,” I said again, this time firmer than the last. 
“Hello,” he said in a low rumble. I exhaled the breath I had been holding. 
“Who are you?” I asked.

My review:

It’s never easy to read a book by someone that you know. You want to adore it and be able to shower them with compliments because let’s be honest, I want the same when someone I know reads my book.

All that said, Samantha and I are new friends and I bought her book a few months ago and I finished it just this past week. It’s her first, it’s self-published and it’s a fairytale retelling (adaptation? What exactly is the difference?). It’s pretty cool to find an author right at the beginning of their journey, when they are full of ideas and enthusiasm. It might mean that their first go isn’t perfect (what book is, really), but you see the potential despite a few hiccups.

I really enjoyed the story. The new version of Beauty and the Beast. I especially liked the protagonist, an orphan with a burn scar from when she’d survived a house fire and her family did not. I love that it’s set in the 1920s and included the slang of that era. I liked the message that beauty, real beauty is more than just the surface.

There were a few things that distracted me from the story; the prose didn’t always flow easily, a few typos, and sometimes I didn’t feel like I knew the characters as well as I should have. But it’s a compliment to want to know the characters more, to live in the world more. And that’s what I wanted more of. It’s definitely a YA novel, toward the younger end of YA and truly has a great moral to it. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Book at B&N and Samantha’s website.

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