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This is going to be short…

Because even though it is Saturday, usually a day off, I have to get ready for a long day of rehearsal and opening night performance as Evita’s stage manager. But I wanted to post something because I miss blogging. 😦

(and the heading picture is of my dog, Margie, who is at the moment with my parents and I miss her terribly.)

Ink and Page (a book review blog), linked my review of Looking for Alaska. Which is pretty cool and a first for my short blogging career. Anyway, it’s a pretty nice blog, so I thought I’d direct you over there.

Also, in Phase news, according to my most current receipts, I’ve sold almost 1000 copies (both ebooks and paperback) of Phase! That’s astonishing. And I know perhaps a good portion of those are people who know me or my family, but not all of them. We definitely don’t know that MANY people. So…how cool is that?

BOTM: (Book of the Moment) Straightjacket by Meredith Towbin

SOTM: Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire

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