The Girl Who Could Talk to Zombies – Review


(blurb from goodreads)

Grace Chalmers can talk to zombies. Now, if she could only make them listen!

Some girls talk to their BFFs. Some girls talk to their boyfriends. Grace Chalmers talks to zombies. They even talk back! Thanks to her newfound talent, Grace is the key to stopping a zombie outbreak before it gets any worse. And she only has to battle the US Army, a skeevy Congressman, a top-secret military organization, a horde of hungry zombies plus a brood of even hungrier zombie chimps. Good thing she’s a fast talker.


Wow, this was gory. I mean, I don’t think I’m gonna have nightmares about it or anything, but hoo boy, there were a lot of body parts and blood around the place.

Now, I’ve never read a zombie book before in my life, so this genre is entirely new to me and this amount of gore might be mild compared to other zombie books. I just want to mention that part of this book early in the review so someone a bit more squeamish than me is forewarned before indulging.

I liked it. Grace is a great heroine and very real (why are male authors so good at doing female voice and female writers are usually rubbish at male voice?). I didn’t agree with all her choices, but I liked her. I liked that she just did and went and questioned when she got a moment, and stuck her neck out for those she cared for and thought needed to be championed.

I loved her job: the after delivery biking messenger service. It just made me smile. As did the little touches that Fischer added (Foxbumps and Melody; the cartoon about marshmallows; the generic names for sodas). It felt very true to the world. The zombie explanation was solid and the zombie-ness (how they acted and such) seemed to be both traditional and unique.

Walt and Milo were both great in their own way. No guy was soooo dreamy or brooding which made this a different YA book with mild romantic elements. I’m over broody, dreamy guys. Give me cute and funny. Quirky and smiley. Also, the action sequences were quick and detailed, but kept the plot going.

This isn’t the most literary of reviews (chocolate high at the moment), but I really did enjoy this dip into zombie lit. I hope Fischer continues with Grace’s story because there’s definitely room to continue. And I want to know what will happen to all the zombies, that surprising to me, I really quite liked.

So, here’s Rusty Fischer’s blog if you want to say hi. And here’s the book on amazon and on B&N, so go and buy and support more authors!

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