Sunshine Award

I was nominated for this award by  Readfulthingsblog.com. Thanks Ionia Martin!


Here are the rules to accept this award:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • 10-12 other fabulous bloggers must be nominated.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Answer the questions:

1 – Favourite colour: I have to pick? Um, blue, green, red, orange (it’d be easier to pick my least favorite which is mustard yellow)

2 – Favourite animal: Dog

My dog, Margie

My dog, Margie

3 – Favourite number: 12 (my birthday) and 11 (my dad’s high school football number)

4 – Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coke (I really just love Coke)

5 – Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Twitter. People seem to complain less on Twitter.

6 – My passion:  Good books for teen girls

7 – Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving because it’s much more fun. I always wish I had more money to get the gifts I really want to give.

8 – Favourite pattern: Does Tie Dye count?

9 – Favourite day of the week:  Saturday (I’m a teacher, of course I like the weekends)

10 – Favourite flower: Wildflowers (I like variety)











Go check them out! They’re lovely.

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