Book Review Time!!

I’m so proud of myself because I finished a book. Not just a school-related book. No! A YA, by Etopia Press Author, Book!

Seriously, I’ve felt like the biggest jerk for not getting round to it till now.

I stole this blurb from Goodreads and I’ve also posted my review there.


Keeping secrets from a psychic can be murder.

Petra Maras lives a charmed life, but only in the magical sense. Her absentee father is a criminal, her mother is emotionally dead, and everyone at her new school knows she comes from a family of witches. All she wants is to be normal, but that’s impossible, given her family. And given that she’s psychic. When the police request help with a murder investigation, Petra reluctantly agrees. Which isn’t such a good idea since the prime suspect wants to date her, and she really wants to say yes. Her gut says he’s innocent, but since she can’t get a read on him she can’t know for sure. And when she discovers he’s been keeping secrets, she wonders if maybe she’s been following her heart instead of her head…

My Review:

Okay, so here’s what I really, really liked about this book:

Petra is so much a teenager, even when she’s annoying, I get it. Her emotions are pretty haywire at times, but man is she tough and really wants to do the right thing. Bless her, because her mom would probably always get them in trouble.

Gina is quite the mom. I never really got round to loving her, but I respected her and really enjoyed that she and Petra’s relationship wasn’t simple. It was complicated. Like families usually are.

The Plot. Holy toledo this plot was intense. Ups and downs and twists. I mean, I did figure it out before Petra did, but hey, I’m a reader and am naturally suspicious with characters. Seriously, this story was not your every day YA story and for that, kudos to Sara. (I can use her first name, right? Because we’ve emailed each other?)

The Action. As a writer who is not really versed with fight scenes, I appreciate all the action and detail that went in to this book, especially in the last climatic sections.

The Magic. Sort of Carrie (that I know of, I’ve never read or seen Carrie cause well, I’m easily freaked) and some basic witchyness, but I like spells and potions and all that. It had a very grounded feel, like yeah, this could totally happen in today’s world. There’s also all this history and politics that’s hinted at (thank goodness because I would have been overwhelmed otherwise) and it creates a world that feels whole.

What I was less enthralled with:

The emotional content didn’t quite work for me. I say this personally because I’m not sure if this is universal or not. The emotional moments that happen in this story seemed too quick. The plot was fast-moving, so maybe the emotional stuff had to be, but I felt like I was being left behind by Petra’s connections with Finn, Dylan and her mom. Especially with Finn. I didn’t quite ride along with Petra with the attraction and affection. I don’t know, it just needs to be lengthened a bit. For me. Or I’m a cynical spinster who needs to remember what it’s like to be swept up in emotions. That’s totally possible.

That’s really it. If anything else tripped me up, it was majorly nit-picky of me, and I think that comes from teaching too much lately and forgetting to just ENJOY a book.

There had better be more about Petra, because there is no way that it’s over because her father. Her father is too interesting a story to tell, so bring it on, Sara. I’m ready for more.

In case you missed my interview with Sara, here it is.

Now go buy her book! (which will be in paperback in a month or so if you’re more traditional)


Barnes & Noble

Omnilit/ All Romance eBooks


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