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(featured image is from and has nothing to do with this post, but I just thought it was super, super amazing)

When I was reading and writing all the time? For fun?

Yeah, those days seem long ago.

First day of Spring Break and I’m pulling out the grading. Le Sigh. It is what it is. Although, it’s nice to have the time to grade consistently for several hours, it’s still grading consistently FOR SEVERAL HOURS. And it’s snowing outside. Which seems to be mocking my Spring Break mood. Not that I’m much of a beach person, but you know, snow is unacceptable.


You’ll be pleased to know I was working on actual writing yesterday only to find myself horribly frustrated after an hour of tinkering. Like, would have thrown my iMac across the room if I’d taken the time to unplug it properly. I don’t know what my problem is, but the muse has gone on vacation and didn’t let me know when she would return. I think she’s a she. I’m not positive actually. She seems more temperamental than a typical guy would be, which is probably sexist of me, but there you go. Or maybe my muse is a guy and just decided not to call to let me know what’s going on in general. That seems more likely.

::growls at male muse::

It’s one of those days, if you couldn’t tell, dear reader. A day where my brain is a little short-circuited and just plain zany.

In kind of awesome news, I went to a hockey game Saturday night. It’s the local team, AHL, Ice Hogs, so it wasn’t my favorite NHL boys. During the first intermission, pee wee hockey players took to the ice and one team had a female goalie. And she was awesome.


I know it’s blurry, but I think that makes the photo all the more cool. They don’t move exceptionally fast (the kids), but she still stopped several rebounds anyway. She was totally my favorite part of the night.

SOTM: Submarines by The Lumineers

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