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So I had a birthday and got sick.

But first let’s talk about this picture from my friend, Steff (who is Welsh, lives in Wales and is a great writer in her own right).

by Steffani Davies

by Steffani Davies

How freakin cool is that? It’s Ezra, if you can’t quite catch those green eyes. I woke up mildly sick on Saturday last, and figured it was par for the course because I was on a school field trip and had been with germy teenagers since Thursday. No big deal and how lovely to wake up to emails that include presents and THAT! It’s so awesome, it almost made my day. It would have had I not gotten the flu.

Oh yeah, I got the flu. It was 50 degrees where I was, which is nothing, right? I was shivering. Teeth chattering in 50 degree weather and I was already wearing three layers. Yeah, I was majorly sick and today (yes, today which is Thursday) is the first day that I’m feeling remotely normal. Today I feel more like I have a cold instead of the plague. So, that’s why I haven’t been blogging. I’m sorry. I missed you too.

I made a new page. Pictures of the areas that inspired Phase. Unfortunately the house that the Vardens live in doesn’t actually exist…that I know of. It’s mildly based off an old high school friend’s house, but as I went there only once, I embellished quite a bit. If I ever get a picture of that house, I’ll post it as well.

Also, during this time that I was MIA, I was on another author’s blog for a quick interview. You remember I interviewed Sara Hubbard? Well, she returned the kindness here. So go see!

I don’t really have more to add. I just wanted to point out that I was still alive and I missed people terribly.


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