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HEY! I get interviewed!

Over at Brinda Berry (another Etopia Press YA author)’s blog. It’s a terrific interview. I loved her questions.

Well, I’m back in Illinois. As of last night. What a drive: eleven hours. And I left Margie (my dog if you’re new here) back with my parents for a few months because I have some trips coming up and they were kind enough to take her so I don’t have to find a boarding place and risk both scads of money and the possibility of leaving Margie with creepy people. So, the place is quiet and I only had enough creamer for one cup of coffee this morning. I’m making out a grocery list because I have food that has to be thrown out and well, I should probably start eating better. I have plenty of stuff to go over today and tomorrow in getting ready for the new semester (how on earth is it 2013?). I got The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray for Christmas and watched that again last night (I saw it twice in the cinema).

I still get tense and nervous at the Reaping. How is that possible? Ms. Collins (author) and Mr. Ross (director), you are brilliant. And I just like Jennifer Lawrence. Her interviews are hilarious.

See? She makes me smile. And I really enjoy Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I know others don’t, but I’m not as into the books as others, so the movie interpretation didn’t bother me; just delighted me.

Happy New Year, by the way. I posted that interview with Sara Hubbard on the first day of the year and didn’t make my sentiments known to anyone who comes to my blog that I hope for a very happy new year. I was with my parents and their friends for the festivities on NYE. We played card games and everyone left at 10pm (I know). I spent the remaining hours catching up on this past summer’s final episodes of So You Think You Can Dance as I missed them and Mom was sweet enough to keep them on the DVR until now. Not my most exciting of New Year’s Eve(s), but I’ve never really had any amazing ones to speak of. It’s one of those holidays I’m kinda ‘meh’ about.

I’ve been thinking about my resolutions. I mean, write more, obviously. Finish up a book or two. Read more. Be a better teacher. But those are things that are always on my mind. Including the typical: get into better shape. But sometimes I wonder if New Year’s resolutions aren’t like birthday wishes. Or wishing well wishes. If you share them, they won’t come true. I’m gonna hold on this one and see if I’m not right about this.

Boy, don’t I sound all cryptic and enigmatic?

I’d better get a moving on the things to accomplish today. Vacation is pretty much over. Time for the long sprint toward summer break.


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2 thoughts on “HEY! I get interviewed!

  1. Thanks for mentioning our interview. You were every bit as charming and entertaining as Jennifer Lawrence.

    Me? I imagine that I would be EXACTLY like Jennifer except less funny, less blonde, less able to form complete sentences in an interview. Yeah.

    • ::blushes:: thanks. I really enjoy interviewing (on both sides). I don’t think most of us quite pull of the charm of Jennifer Lawrence. And although I don’t have a photo, I am now blonder than her. lol

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