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Chatting with Sara Hubbard

One of the great things about my publisher is that I get to interact (online of course) with other YA authors. I haven’t gotten a chance to read their books yet (this summer, I’ll be tearing through them), but the authors themselves are very cool. I recently bugged a bunch of them with questions so I could post them here, introduce you readers to them and hopefully offer another great book for you to read.

Sara Hubbard, author of Blood, She Read, was published a bit after me, so we’re both newbies to it and she was very kind in responding to my questions.

EC: This is my first blog interview, so if I fail miserably, don’t tell me. 🙂

SH: This is wonderful!

EC: I’ve heard that Saras without an ‘h’ are very different that Sarahs with an ‘h.’ Is this true?

SH: Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that before so I need a minute to think about my answer… I honestly don’t know! I’ve never paid attention to this before. More often than not, people spell it wrong so I think I’m an honorary Sarah anyway. This is probably true of most Saras.

EC: When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a writer?

SH: I loved writing stories as a child, but I took a detour from this in high school. There were too many other things to do! I didn’t return to it until after my children were born. I’ve always been an independent person who enjoys oodles of time to myself, so when I had children, being wanted and needed all the time shocked me—big time. I needed an outlet, and writing became an escape for me. For an hour or two a day, I could escape to some distant world or be young all over again. I haven’t stopped writing since.

EC: In the process of getting your book Blood, She Read published, what is one thing that has taken you by surprise (something you just weren’t expecting about the experience)?

SH: I thought querying agents and publishers was the toughest part about getting published and I quickly learned, once my book released, that I was dead wrong. The hardest part is putting your book out there—to the world—and waiting to hear about what readers think of it. I love my book. If I didn’t, I never would have queried it in the first place. If you knew me, you would probably say it has a lot of my personality in it, so I can’t help but feel like I’ve been kicked in boob every time someone reacts negatively to it. Thankfully, there has been more positive response to it than negative.

EC: So, why did you choose a redhead for your protagonist? (I ask this because I adore the cover and redheads in general).

SH: I love redheads as well, especially when they have freckles. I’m not sure why I picked a redhead. I think maybe it’s because the character is strong and feisty and somehow I couldn’t picture her looking any other way.

EC: Are you a plotter or pantser? How do you write? (Sorry, I saw this question on your blog and thought it was great!)

SH: Definitely a plotter. I put way too much work into my books before I ever write the first line. I do a character spreadsheet of traits and characteristics and backgrounds for each of my characters, even the minor ones. Then, I do a chapter-by-chapter outline. It might seem like a lot of work, but this is actually my favorite part of writing books. I love spending time with my characters. Plus, knowing them well helps me figure out where the story needs to go.

EC: I know from your bio that you are in the military (My dad was Navy!). What made you go into that? And what do you think an experience like that has taught you (or informed your writing)?

SH: This is going to sound so bad. I worked in a tire plant for two summers because my father worked there and he insisted I work there, too. The money was better than average and I needed it for university. I HATED it there, and I joined the military, originally, because I didn’t want to spend another summer pulling rubber apart. My father didn’t believe I would make it through basic. He thought I was too stubborn and strong-willed, but I guess it is those traits that helped me push through it. In the end, Basic Training was one of the best experiences of my life. That was all the way back in 1998…

EC: What do your kids think about you being an author?

SH: My children are 6 and 7 years old so I don’t think they really think about it much. If someone asks what Mummy does, they say, “She’s a nurse and she writes books.” They don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary. It’s just a job, after all.

EC: What song do you have to dance/sing to every time it comes on?

SH: Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. So awesome!

EC: You can cast a movie of your book with any actors you want!! Who do you cast (age appropriateness doesn’t matter)?

SH: So easy! For Petra, I would absolutely cast Emma Stone. For Finn, I would cast Ben Barnes, and for Tommy would definitely be Kellan Lutz with a Mohawk.

EC: I love those choices. Thanks so much for doing this, Sara! Anything else you want to share?

SH: Um…my book is awesome? I’m teasing (well, not really). Thanks so much, EC, for having me! It’s been a blast!

Well, based on the blurb below, Sara’s book sounds awesome. So, go forth and buy yourself a copy. And when you’ve read it, be so good as to review on amazon, barnes and noble and goodreads. All those reviews really help us writers out!

Sara’s Debut Novel, Blood, She Read


Keeping secrets from a psychic can be murder.

Petra Maras lives a charmed life, but only in the magical sense. Her absentee father is a criminal, her mother is emotionally dead, and everyone at her new school knows she comes from a family of witches. All she wants is to be normal, but that’s impossible, given her family. And given that she’s psychic. When the police request help with a murder investigation, Petra reluctantly agrees. Which isn’t such a good idea since the prime suspect wants to date her, and she really wants to say yes. Her gut says he’s innocent, but since she can’t get a read on him, she can’t know for sure. And when she discovers he’s been keeping secrets, she wonders if maybe she’s been following her heart instead of her head…

You can purchase Blood, She Read here:


Barnes & Noble

Omnilit/ All Romance eBooks


Author Bio

Sara Hubbard is the author of young adult books. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ released fall 2012 and is a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist.

Sara was born in Australia to British parents, but has lived in Nova Scotia for the majority of her life. In addition to being an author, Sara is a wife, a mother, and a registered nurse with the military.

If you want to find out more about Sara and her books, here are her links:

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