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Wow, that title is just an example of the excellent use of English that I have. Lol. Anyway, I wanted to take a break from grading. Over on the right side of my page, scroll down a bit, there’s a link called ‘Authorgraph.’ WHICH (sorry, I’m excited about this) is where you can request an autograph from me for those of you who bought Phase on ebook (Nook, Kindle, etc.). Just click and request it. How cool is that? Here’s the link as well. Authorgraph.

I had a signing yesterday in my hometown, Athens, TN. I’m home for the holidays and my parents set up two signings for me. One yesterday at Greeks Bearing Gifts (a fine gift shop) and then one on January 3rd at the public library (where I worked for a summer not too long ago).  I saw some people who I went to high school with, some friends of my parents and such yesterday. It was fun. I wonder, often, if it’s hard for introverts to do something like a signing. I can talk to anyone and that characteristic has served me well, usually in situations like this. My feet hurt when I was done. My feet aren’t used to heels anymore, even low ones.

After that, Mom, Dad, and I had dinner and then settled down to watch some old holiday favorites: Santa Clause is Coming to Town and  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I’d never seen the first, but I love the second. I have a ton of Christmas movies (which I didn’t even realize) and brought them all with me when I drove down on Friday. I predict I will watch most if not all of them before i head back up north.

My Goodreads giveaway ended last week, and I’ll be sending out Phase tomorrow to two lucky winners. The YA Etopia Authors Giveaway is still going on if you’re interested. A lot of goodies available. I also have been using my ‘artistic’ talent to create Phase products (or swag). Here is an example below. 🙂


If you’ve read Phase, you know the reference. I have others like that. And a few I’m still working on. Yes, they probably won’t get more complicated than that unless some artsy genius offers their talents. My stick figures are just not that enticing.

Last note…check out this interview I did for a Romanian blog. You read that right. Romania! I might just have to visit soon. It’s also linked on my Phase Publicity page.

I should post before Christmas, but if I don’t: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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