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Taking a Break

It’s finals week which on some levels gives me a whole lot of free time at work, but it’s not really free as there is always, ALWAYS grading to be done. But I’m taking a break because I think my students would appreciate my brain being a bit more sharp than it is at the moment before I go over their revisions. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee to help with that.

I recently had a friend give me an idea about my first novel (something to help fix it). I’ve been asked before if Phase is my first novel and I answer: first one published, not first one written. I think that’s true for most authors. We don’t usually get it right the first time writing a novel. It takes practice. A lot of practice. The novel that got me agent is, to me, my first official novel. I have another complete (that’s key) original story that I’ve been typing up, but it’s sooooooooooooooooooo (enough o’s?) cheesy and badly written, that I really can’t count it because if I do ever decide to offer it, it needs major revampment.

But back to that first official novel. I love it. I’m so proud of it; the characters, the supernatural aspect, the relationships, and even the story itself. But it needs more tension. That was the main critique and I’ll admit, not my forte in regards to writing. I don’t think in major tense conflict. I think about relationships (all types) and those arcs. And ‘it needs more tension’ is any easy critique to give, but a really hard one to apply. It’s so abstract. I’ve been racking my brain since 2010 (or so) on how to make more tension in this novel. I’ve had a few go’s with a new beginning and then just hit that wall o’ doom. It’s frustrating because in some ways, I find that novel to have aspects better than Phase, but the same is true the other way round. Then this friend came up with an idea. And it might, might just be the answer.

I don’t want to get to excited because it’s a good idea, but again a bit general. I have to figure out the details and how it will affect the overall plot and characters. It might change it a lot. But I’d been hoping and wishing for that one thing that would open up the rest of the story to me and I could fix it. I so desperately want to tell this story. I think my readers would like it because it’s different that Phase with quite a different heroine.

I really hope to play with it over Winter Break.



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