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Less than two weeks away from finals, so I’ll use that excuse for my lack of communication. If anyone is interested, the giveaway for Phase is still going on over at Goodreads.

Just finished reading Howl’s Moving Castle which was only a $1.99 on Amazon a few days ago. I’d seen the movie and enjoyed it, but the book is lovely. That sort of bizarre fantasy with things that I, myself, could never have imagined or created. There’s more in the book than the movie (as per usual), but I think both are really good. I plan to reread it because I’m sure that I didn’t catch everything.

I decided to finally be a bit more tech-savvy and actually type up my timeline for the sequel to Phase. I realized it was in a random notebook and I would hate to lose it (I have a really bad time of keeping the days/dates of my stories clear and in my head). I also bought the writing app Scrivener. It’s basically an app to organize all the bits and pieces that goes into creating a novel (or other forms of writing). I like it. It gives me something different to look at than just a blank word doc. I’d recommend it to any authors out there.

Okay, so not the greatest of posts, but hey, it’s been a long week. Whatever wit I have has just been sucked out.

BOTM: Possession by A.S. Byatt



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2 thoughts on “Finals

  1. I know what you mean about keeping all the “bits and pieces” together, in one place, especially if your place of choice (default?) is your own ever-busy mind. Scrivener sounds promising. Where did you get it? Btw, I mentioned your novel to a writer friend of mine. She’s working on a YA novel set in 13th c. England. Enjoyed reading your post.

    • You can get Scrivener wherever you get your apps (like I go to my mac app store). That novel setting sounds great. I have these tentative plans to someday do historical. The moment I get a chance to do research. 😀

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