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Book (Series) that should be made into movies: Part Two

Sorry, I thought I’d get to this earlier than this. Blame the holidays and the attempt to get work finished before the break. At the moment, I am quite thankful to have my parents here and a brand new television set and blu ray player. I have finally updated to this decade. My bright and shiny copy of The Avengers is proof of that.

So, books to movies, continued.

Strange Angels (Series) by Lili St. Crow


I love this series. When my students or anyone else mentions that they like YA vampire books, I recommend this or the Vampire Academy series for heroines that actually kick rear end and don’t just bat their eyes and wait to be rescued. This series is complete: Strange Angels, Betrayals, Jealousy, Defiance, and Reckoning. It has a different take on both vampires and werewolves than other books, with a touch of appalachian folk magic and I really love Dru, Graves and Christophe. To see it on screen, with how the different types of creature look and the settings Dru and company find themselves in…so very cool.

Bard Academy (Series) by Cara Lockwood


A boarding school for the juvenile delinquents who need to be disciplined and the teachers…well, they’re just a little familiar. I can’t really say much more, and I haven’t read the most recent book yet, but seriously, this a great series. The references to classic literature are fun even if you don’t know all of them. An island with a strange type of magic and a cast of all types of teenagers would make a great movie. I like the heroine, Miranda, and definitely a great set of side characters, both likable and likably hate-able. The school is all gothic, and with secret passages and such, why wouldn’t they make a movie of this? Book order: Wuthering High, The Scarlet Letterman, Moby Clique, and A Tale of Two Proms.

Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers


I haven’t reread the trilogy in several years, but I adored it when I was a teenager/early twenties. Set right after the Crucifixion, it’s the setting like Gladiator. Three stories about characters who go through horrible circumstances and come out stronger and more admirable. Pretty sure I cried a few times as well. The third book leaves the Holy Land for a story about the Celts (still related to the other two books). If it was made into movies, it’d be one of those sweeping epics that would have glorious cinematography and phenomenal acting.

Phase by e. c. newman

Can you blame me? I would love to see my book on screen. I like to think about seeing young actors play those roles. How awesome would a young, up and coming female actor find the roles of Sophie, Jules and Naomi? Characters that have a lot of growth and depth (as far as I’m concerned anyway). And the young talent to fill in the roles of the boys? 😀 I’d die to see that. The setting of Southeast TN with the woods and small town would be fun and different than the cliche/stereotypical portrayal of the South.

So, that’s my list. For now. If any producer has the money and sees this post, you’re welcome. I’m full of this type of wisdom.


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