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Books (Series) that should be made into movies: Part One

I think the title says it all, but allow me to elaborate. With Beautiful Creatures 


 coming out in February and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 

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showing up in August, I just started pondering all the books I love and really, really wish would be made into movies. If I had oodles (indeterminate amount, possibly absurdly excessive) of money, and the connections, I would love to see several books and book series turn into celluloid. If I had creative control I would also probably cast myself into some minor role so I could be a part of such an awesome production. And who would I cast? (To be honest, the main problem with teen stories is finding actors of appropriate age to play the roles).

So, the list:

Dark Visions Trilogy by L. J. Smith


You know the television series The Vampire Diaries and the short-lived series The Secret Circle. All mid-90s books by Smith. This was my favorite series by her. The kids in this book are psychic and each one has a different way that the power manifests. There is also a terrific love triangle that I totally buy (which is rare). And despite that’s it’s a trilogy I think they could make it a single movie easy because the action isn’t long-winded or anything.

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead


There is talk that this has been optioned and is in development, but according to, not much is going on. So I’m adding it to my list. I probably love the spin-off series Bloodlines a bit more than the original, but as that is not complete, I’ll stick with Lissa and Rose. This series has a great cast of characters (so lots of roles for young people) and so much happens in the course of six books. It’s sexy, scary and shows a great friendship between two female characters (rare in teen lit these days). There’s a lot of action and Rose is a heroine who does instead of just observing which would make her a great character to watch. Dmitri, Mason, Christian, and Adrian are all waiting to be filled with attractive young male actors and are all different enough that any girl watching the film will have one to swoon over no matter her type.

Frontier Magic Trilogy by Patricia Wrede


I haven’t read the last book, The Far West, yet. It’s waiting on my dining room table for me to have some free time, but the first two (Thirteenth Child, Across the Great Barrier) are excellent. The world is much like frontier America, but there’s magic. Wrede has her own type of magic and magical animals and truly, it’s one of the most original series I’ve read in ages. There could be a casting problem because the main characters grow up during the course of the three books, but it’s so incredibly good and would appeal to all ages and genders.

Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries: Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers


So, there is a film version of this from 1987 that is absolutely brilliant. The cast is phenomenal (although the playing of the character of  Marjorie Phelps has always disappointed me). Strong Poison and Have His Carcase are perfect and Gaudy Night is nearly so, except for one thing: they excluded a character. Lord Peter Wimsey’s nephew, Viscount St. George who is just like his uncle by younger, more charming and incredibly flirty. And I loved what St. George brought to the story. So I want to do this again, each book in full which means massively long mini-series. The mysteries are excellent, the characterization is fabulous, and set in 1920s England which is just fun. So, it must be redone.

So, I’m realizing how long this post is getting and I still have more books to list, so we’ll make this part one.



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