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and exhausting. That’s how it felt to go through my first signing. As it was a group event, I wasn’t the main attraction or anything, but still, a lot of standing, smiling and talking. All things I can do, but in excess wore me out.

There was a miscommunication about my author name vs. my real name so there weren’t any actual copies of my book to sign. But the nice people at Barnes and Noble had it worked out. If anyone was interested in buying my book, I had printouts of info to give them. They took that to Customer Service, who printed out a barcode that they then took to the register and got the book shipped directly to their home (no shipping fees). The reader would come back to where I was with the receipt and I’d sign a sticker bookplate that they could put in their copy of Phase when it arrived. So, not a bad consolation.

But I realized I do not have a catchy little quote from the book or anything to write for this. Which is lame, right? I mean, Neil Gaiman drew a picture of a mouse in my copy of Coraline when he signed it. Surely I can come up with something. All I had was this:

To ——,

Thank you and Enjoy!


Totally lame. What could I write? Something about friendship? I mean, that’s a major theme. Or something about being human. Because unless I’m mistaken on my worldview, everyone buying my book is completely and only human. So something like:

To ——,

To being human.


No, that doesn’t work. Ugh. Why is this so hard?


To finding your own bff


Oh heavens, no. That just makes it sound like the person doesn’t have friends. This is ridiculous. How do authors come up with this? I mean, I could just say:

To —-,


But come on, that’s not fun. There has to be something. Anyway, moving on from this pointless exercise. I wrote today. Both on silly things and on the sequel. In fact, I worked on it yesterday on a school bus for a field trip to NIU for a theatre workshop. It was fun, the workshop, with classes on dialects (my favorite class from acting school) and a chance to see the university’s performance of An Ideal Husband (just the first act) which I really wish I could have gotten to see in full, but this weekend was all about grading. And commenting. End of quarter pretty makes me completely hermited.

Oh, but I brought a little notebook with me on the trip and wrote while we rode in a very bouncy school bus. So my handwriting is horrible, but I got about 600 words done on another scene for the sequel. An early scene probably chapter four or something. I just typed it up and it needs some prettifying, but still. Words written, which always a good thing. I had a professor in grad school who wrote his first novel while married with kids and a headmaster at a school. He would wake up an hour early to write every day. I don’t know how he did it. Sleep is precious thing and I love it so dearly. I don’t even have kids, just a dog who insists on being an morning person (or dog).

Wow, I’m rambly tonight. Another cool thing about the signing was that for about 24 hours after the signing, Phase was in the top 100 on Barnes and Noble’s site. You could find it on the list for paperback sellers, between Stephen King’s latest and The Great Gatsby. It didn’t last of course, but for those brief moments, I felt very famous.

I should probably go back to that scene. I’m pretty sure my agent would be thrilled for me to go back to that scene. Bless her heart, I’m sure I’m a trial. 🙂

SOTM: Ho Hey – The Lumineers


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