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Feeling all special and such

The joy of being from a small town is that when you do something actually interesting (like publish a book), you can call your parents who are prominent citizens of said town and get yourself an interview for the newspaper.

So that’s what I did this morning. I got to talk about Phase and writing and me and those are definitely some of my favorite subjects. I even got my picture taken (I put makeup on and that’s quite the feat for me). It was fun because the reporter hadn’t read it yet, but asked really good questions and at the end she said, ‘well, we’ve got plenty of information’ and I laughed because of course I talked…a lot. With the type of family I have, it’s not surprising that I’m a chatterbox. Being interviewed was one of those little dreams I had. Not a big dream that you write down and stare at in hopes that it will come true (that would have been me winning an Oscar), but one of those hopes that’s on the edges of the big dreams. I used to daydream about being interviewed when I wanted to be a drummer, when I wanted to be an actress. But writing was the one thing I realized I might actually get to be interviewed for.

So check off that hope/goal. Woo!

I also did a written interview for my undergrad’s English website. That’s not up yet, but again, I had really long answers. Can’t seem to help it. I’ll post that link when that’s available. It’s fun to talk about writing, especially stories because sometimes you can’t explain how the characters take over and how scenes just happen, without your control. How plot twists just happen because the story and the characters demand that it happen.

Probably makes us authors sound completely mad, but it’s true. I can’t explain certain elements that show up. It’s the magic.

SOTM: Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Stars

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