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The Unexpected

Hockey skates – mine.

No, I didn’t buy them (my bank account is extremely grateful of this). They were given to me. For no occasion other than they were available.

I’ve been taking group ice skating lessons for three weeks (three lessons) and I’ve had to borrow skates from the venue for each lesson. I’ve been pondering getting my own pair, but I wanted to make sure I liked skating enough to invest in something like that. And i’ve enjoyed it, sure, but I’m incredibly tentative on ice. It’s a longer way down if I fall than when I was a kid. I don’t much like pain.

It’s an adult group lesson and I’ve made friends with one of the ladies in it. She used to play hockey and we’ve chatted some these last two lessons and she asked me what size skate I wore. Because she had an old (but in good repair) pair of hockey skates that she wanted to give away. I figured why not, I’ll try them, so she brought them yesterday and they fit! And not only that, I felt really good on the ice with them, far more secure. I even skated backwards (on purpose) which was quite a feat with my ability. I offered her money for the skates, but she wouldn’t take it. She just wanted them to have a good home.

So I have skates now. 🙂 And I really want to go skating again. Sooner than next lesson.

It’s not a big thing, but it’s a cool thing.
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