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Crazy world

See that, over to your right? That countdown? Yeah, it’s 26 days till Phase comes out. MY BOOK!

Let that sink in.

I’m still awaiting final confirmation on the cover, but what I’ve seen looks pretty dang awesome. I mean, it’s a cover. I have a book cover!!

Yeah, it’ll be like this for awhile, folks.

In real news, I’m almost done with grades and the school year. Soooooo close. Grading English finals is not a short process. Grading essays is probably the worst part of being an English teacher. I like reading the ideas my students have (when they are well-written), but the sheer amount of reading and then having to grade it…ugh. Tis not fun. I’m pretty sure any teacher will tell you that grading is never, never the best part of the job. It’s a necessary evil.

But I’m getting there. The moment school stuff is done, I’m hitting the gym. It’s been ages and I have no good excuse except exhaustion from the teaching. The last month and a half has been insane. The showcase, grades, general craziness. It’s the life.

So, gym regularly. And start reading (and rereading) the books I’m teaching next year. Oh yes, I teach a new class, so a whole new curriculum. And we all thought this summer was vacation.

Books I’m teaching next year (not counting short stories, or poetry or other)

The Scarlet Letter

The Tempest

The Jungle

The Great Gatsby

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Invisible Man

Catcher in the Rye

HA! So new curriculum and possibly learning to ice skate. I have to still research that on how I’m going to manage it, but I think it’s time that I move faster than 1 mile an hour on the ice.

And lastly for the summer plans: write the sequel. Stop avoiding it and fearing it and just write the thing. I have bits and breakdowns and tons of notes, but no more worrying about it. Time to write the continuing story. If I can have a first draft (2nd draft would be better), by the time school starts up again, I will be mucho proud of myself.

Oh, and I’ll go see my family for some of that time. Especially the best nephews on the planet. (There will be pictures).

But for now I’ll leave you with this:

Movies to see (if you haven’t already): Avengers (duh), Snow White and the Huntsman (seriously, it’s good), and We Bought a Zoo.

I also watched Warhorse, but I think you can bypass that. It’s like Black Beauty, but with WWI.

Oh, and I joined the bandwagon of Tom Hiddleston fans. I couldn’t help it!

(image from somewhere on tumblr)

SOTM: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros
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