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Having a child

Mom said something this past weekend. It wasn’t in malice, by any means. But she commented along the lines of being old when she had me. I looked at her and said, “Mom, you were thirty-one when you had me.”

2012 is my thirty-first year of life. I don’t feel all that old. My knees have been hurting for reasons that remain unknown to me (doctor’s appt. next week), but in looks and mindset, I don’t feel old. I have great hopes for my thirties. My life got better the older I got in my twenties, so I figured that my thirties will be phenomenal.

I am having a child this year. Not a human with tiny hands and feet and my eyes, but I’m getting published. Anyone who’s not a writer, doesn’t quite get the idea of a book being a child. My child first made itself known in April of 2009. It’s May 2012, I’ve been carrying it over over three years. It will come into this world on July 6th, 2012. Fortunately, I don’t have to pay for its college tuition or decide when it can date. But it’s my baby. Something that developed in an overactive imagination and a need to  share a story about two friends.

So, maybe my mom and I aren’t that different in how our lives are turning out.

SOTM: Devil Town – Bright Eyes

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2 thoughts on “Having a child

  1. I always regard my books as children; I’ve poured so much into my own self into them and put a lot of effort into making them what they are right now. They can be frustrating, they can make me proud… just like children do. =]

    Good luck with your “delivery”!

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