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Woo Boy

I just finished up my third round of edits. Yes, 3rd round. And in all honesty, none of the edits were as difficult or soul-sucking as I was afraid they might be. Took some hours, yeah and I even did some of my own tweaking. But I just sent it back to my editor (who is really wonderful) and if it meets to her approval, it will be given to the copyeditor. Which is like the last gas station stop on a really long journey.

I came up with idea for Phase in April of 2009. It’s April 2012 right now. That’s crazy.

I have more to work on. Filling out a form for the cover art and marketing people. So crucial. We all know what it’s like to see a book with a not so great cover and therefore not pick it up. Even for e-reading, I am attracted to certain covers. I really want the cover to fit the story. I really want an awesome font for the title and my name. I really want the perfect colors. The perfect blurb.  I really want…everything.

I want everything. I want it to reach so many people and my characters to bring joy into others’ lives like they did mine. I want my girls to inspire a reader to be something other than what others say she should be. I want to talk to readers about my characters like they’re real people. Because, sometimes, they are to me.

I don’t know what will happen with my book. I can hope for the best and pray that I’m realistic as well.

Soon. Soon.

SOTM: Under Pressure  – Queen with David Bowie

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One thought on “Woo Boy

  1. I think part of being a good narrator means forgetting about words, letting them flow naturally and letting those characters come to life on their own. If you become too self-conscious about what you write, then you’re instantly blocking those real people from coming through.

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