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I am sick again. Of course, I’m sick again. That’s the theme of this year. So, finally, I’m going to find myself a doctor and get some medicine that will work – long term.

Because of that and general teaching busyness, I’ve been neglecting this blog. Apologies. I could write about the joys of finishing up Crime and Punishment with my class, but I wouldn’t do that to anyone. About to begin The Trial which is about as joyful as C&P. Why must most classic literature be so darn depressing and dark?

That was my problem as a student myself. I didn’t like unhappy endings. I avoided John Steinbeck for years because of The Red Pony. Finally read East of Eden and loved it. But I was in my twenties by then and had learned to appreciate the unhappy ending (although EofE is pretty positive for Steinbeck). I get that life is not a ‘happy ending’ type experience, but there are happy moments and I refuse to think that the only ‘deep’ works are the depressing, unhappy ones.

I’m not an optimist by any means, but I’ve had too many flickers of awesome in my life to be doom and gloom. Which probably means my books will never be classic literature. Oh well. 🙂

SOTM: I Didn’t Mean It – The Belle Brigade

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