The Hunger Games (probably spoilers)

I’ve seen it twice now. The movie. Last Friday when it came out and then yesterday. It’s really a movie that needs to be seen twice. On first watching, I was just too nervous and hyped to really give it careful consideration.

I read The Hunger Games sometime last year because of all the attention it was getting and on friends’ recommendations. I read it in a day and while I enjoyed it to some extent, I didn’t rush out to get the remaining two books. There was no urgency for me to continue.

I have to admit, I liked the world far more than the characters. Rue was the one character I adored in the first book. I didn’t like Katniss and I thought Peeta was too good. Those opinions really didn’t change until the last book, Mockingjay. But I thought, think that the world is amazing.

I’m not a world-builder, so when an author does it and does it well, I’m so impressed.

I liked the movie. I felt satisfied by what they chose to show and how they did it. I think it was well cast. Peeta, especially and I certainly was not unshaken by the acts of violence shown. They were done well, only showing motions and not as much the actual act of killing, usually the aftermath. Enough to get the idea of the brutality, but as a watcher, move on.

But here’s a better review than I can do. Give her blog a follow as well. Really enjoy her stuff.

In my second watching, I realized that President Snow was pruning white roses in his garden with Seneca the gamemaker. Awesome, awesome foreshadowing.

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