I took piano lessons when I was growing up. Started at age seven. With the moving that’s inherent in being a military family, it was never consistent lessons, but by the time I started up again in college, I’d probably had a good eight to ten years of lessons. I started again in college because … Continue reading

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Woo Boy

I just finished up my third round of edits. Yes, 3rd round. And in all honesty, none of the edits were as difficult or soul-sucking as I was afraid they might be. Took some hours, yeah and I even did some of my own tweaking. But I just sent it back to my editor (who … Continue reading

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I am sick again. Of course, I’m sick again. That’s the theme of this year. So, finally, I’m going to find myself a doctor and get some medicine that will work – long term. Because of that and general teaching busyness, I’ve been neglecting this blog. Apologies. I could write about the joys of finishing … Continue reading