Mom and Dad just left to make the rather long trip back to Tennessee. They were here a little over three days and my apartment looks far more complete then it did previous.

My broadway posters (all plays I’ve seen except The Music Man which closed before we got to NYC, but the boy is so cute). I’ve only been to NYC twice, but six plays (revival of Our Town didn’t have a poster available to purchase, but it had better: Paul Newman as the Stagemanager) is not shabby. And to finally have them framed (I would have never gotten to it on my own), makes them look so nice.

And they brought my piano.

Which I’ve had since I was easily in second or third grade. I fiddled on it while they were here and man, I’m out of practice. It’s not something I do a lot of anymore, but when I’m stressed or annoyed and books or movies don’t seem to be cutting it, I like having the piano to dabble with. There’s something nice in being able to make music on any level.

Margie is already going through withdrawal with the folks being gone. She whined when the car pulled out and is now, lying on my futon, looking terribly forlorn. She is one spoiled granddog. New treats, longer walks, lots of attention, hair (fur?) cut, the dog park…I pale in comparison to my folks.

Dad gave me three pronouncements/decrees before he left. Two were pretty typical:

1. Try to get to the gym three times a week (I’m probably going to aim for twice).

2. Take Margie once a week to the dog park.

But here was the one that made me laugh:

3. Do something fun/social once a week.

I shake my head at that one. How many parents tell their grown up daughter to go out and have fun? Some weeks are definitely more socially infused, but a lot, I will admit, are not. First year of teaching is madness and I tend to be so exhausted school nights and catching up on everything else on the weekends, that the idea of even driving somewhere overwhelms me. I expect it to be better next year.

But yeah, guess I’ll have to be social for the last eight weeks of school.

If I go to a movie by myself and talk to the concessions person, does that count?

SOTM: Learning by Perfume Genius

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