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I’m almost a full week into my spring break and although not everything is done like I’d hoped, I think the sleep I’ve gotten was pretty important too. I have stuff still to grade and prepare for, but I’ve gotten a good portion done. I hope to make a bigger dent today and tomorrow before I go and see The Hunger Games with my best friends. We’re not seeing the midnight showing because one of my friends works this week and when you’re our age, staying up till 2/3 am for a movie really takes it out of you the next day.

I’m pretty excited even though I’m not a huge fan. I like them, I enjoyed reading them, but I’m not quite the fangirl about them. I was like that for Harry Potter as well. My one fangirling moment happened during the beginning of Twilight and for the first couple of books and movies. It waned, but that’s another story entirely. But The Hunger Games feels like something that will only be enhanced by seeing it on the big screen. With all the action and dystopian world, I’m excited to see it ‘live.’ It’s fun getting geared up for a new movie series.

I have gone through my entire book, fixing the points that my editor made. There’s a whole email to look through as well, but it was nice to go through it and get that initial fixing done. Toward the end, I just started reading it. I’m proud of it. It’s nice to remember how much I like my own story because that can get lost in the rejections, edits and general busyness of life.

I’ve even read for a fun a little this week. Reckoning by Lili St. Crow, the final book in her Strange Angels series. By far, one of my favorite teen vamp series out there (and not really typical vampires, different kinds and different weres as well). I love Dru, the heroine, who is so badass in a lot of ways, but inside is lost and hurting. The romance is a side story line, which makes the series incredibly strong. The world is well made and the action makes me wish I could possibly write action like she does. Go check it out.

Book of the Moment (BOTM): Reckoning (Strange Angels) by Lili St. Crow

Speaking of busyness, I have essays to plow through.

SOTM: Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids

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