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174 Words

That’s all I wrote on the sequel to Phase today. Not a whole lot, especially since I’m requiring at least 500 from my students via essay this evening. But I did write something. Even with some ‘need to be graded’ papers staring at me.

Not like I didn’t give myself enough to do, creating a story world that will require three books, but each book is from a different character’s point of view. And as soon as I’m all published and copywritten, I’ll finally get to use their names. They’re good names, I promise. But to create a first person POV with a different voice in the same world isn’t the easiest thing for a newbie writer to do. I think I’ve done it before in pieces I’ve written for fun, but this is different. THIS IS REAL! Well, you know what I mean.

I’m still finding her voice, the MC from the sequel. She’s probably the most different character from myself that I’ve ever attempted, from that specific point of view anyway. She’s weirdly confident in her power as a female over guys at only sixteen years old. She’s spoiled and has done more than one terrible thing in her young life and she doesn’t even realize it. And when she does, it will hit her hard. Out of all three girls in these stories, she’ll go through the greatest 180 in character growth. And I have to make sure that the audience even cares enough to read her story while keeping her a bit of the antagonist.

Yeah, no problem. ::rolls up sleeves and looks at 174 words::

Well, it’s something. Her voice is growing and soon she’ll sound just like she’s supposed to.

SOTM – Don’t Wait for Tom – Over the Rhine

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