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The other day, one of my students came in during my planning period to ask me a question about an upcoming quiz. We chatted, mostly because I really like this student. She’s bright and loves to learn. Her answers in class are thoughtful. She’s just one of those students most teachers wish to have.

I don’t know how we got to talking about my book. She hadn’t heard that I was getting published (I haven’t made any major announcements at my job) and she asked what it was about.

Everyone asks this when they find out you’re a writer. And that’s not the hard part. The answer is the hard part. Because you have to judge/discern how much the asker really wants to know. I can answer this with one word, a sentence or a twenty minute explanation.

Warning, people, when you ask a writer to explain what her book’s about, be prepared for a possible diatribe.

But this student, because she is always pleased by what we read in class, I gave her the twenty minute explanation. I told her about the characters and their struggles, what the rest of the trilogy looks like, and how much I love my characters. She listened, asked questions and sold on the story. It was heavenly.

I’d forgotten how much I love this world I created. My characters are my creation. Just talking about them and their worries and desires made me desperately want to go back and hang out with them. I know at least one of them would accept me. 🙂

It was just one conversation in a long workday, but it was wonderful.

SOTM: Pyro – Kings of Leon

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