All Grown Up Now

Yesterday I mentioned my closet full of notebooks and binders. Here it is: Some stuffed animals on a shelf (if you look close you can see an Ewok), and my wrapping paper and some other miscellaneous items, but predominantly it’s binders and notebooks. Some of those binders are actually photo albums (what an archaic idea), … Continue reading


Hey there, past me.

When Mom and Dad show up for a visit, cleaning and organizing is almost always part of the experience. I’ll try to help out their domesticating prowess by going through a box or two that I haven’t yet because well, the task usually seems daunting. So I found a box and started digging. The box … Continue reading



Mom and Dad just left to make the rather long trip back to Tennessee. They were here a little over three days and my apartment looks far more complete then it did previous. My broadway posters (all plays I’ve seen except The Music Man which closed before we got to NYC, but the boy is … Continue reading

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Evil Words

So I sent off my first copy of post-edit Phase back to my editor late, late Sunday night. Actually, let’s be honest, it was early morning because I was determined that it would be in her email inbox by Monday morning. Despite staying up way, way past my bedtime, I couldn’t sleep for quite a bit. … Continue reading

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I’m almost a full week into my spring break and although not everything is done like I’d hoped, I think the sleep I’ve gotten was pretty important too. I have stuff still to grade and prepare for, but I’ve gotten a good portion done. I hope to make a bigger dent today and tomorrow before … Continue reading

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Not what I was expecting

I guess, modern day watches are too cool for gears? However, the copper wire is kinda cool. I need some smaller screwdrivers to completely dissect these. I think I’ll look into old/broken clocks over spring break. SOTM: Origins by Tennis © ecnewman, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission … Continue reading