Song of the Moment

I love music. I say that with very little ability to make music. I took piano lessons growing up, a semester of guitar lessons in college and six months of drum lessons over six years ago. I have never tried to compose or write a song and at this point in my life, I probably never will.

But, I love music. And not just one genre. On my iTunes, I have classical, all decades of rock, Johnny Cash (only representation of country), new age, musicals, hip hop/rap, folk and various subgenres under those. I have the hardest time getting any work (mental or physical) done without music. I’ve had 8-tracks, records, cassettes, CDs, and now mp3’s. I have to have music playing when I write especially.

So I thought I’d start a trend on here: Song of the Moment (SOTM). Whatever song plays while I’m posting, or one that I seem to be putting on repeat lately, I’ll mention along with my regular post (using Spotify so you can listen to it 🙂 ). I’ll use it as a tag so to find a list of songs that I’m posting, you’ll just click SOTM and all posts with songs will show up. I know that most of the new music I find come from others recommending it to me. Even bands or songs that aren’t necessarily new to the music world can still be new to those of us who constantly have to update our iTunes.

I’m also thinking I can do that with books, television shows, movies, etc. Although, even though I read really fast, book of the moment wouldn’t be quite true as it takes much longer than a moment for me to read. But we’ll see. I think it’ll be fun.

Without further ado, the Song of the Moment (SOTM) is “How to Disappear Completely” by Radiohead.

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