That holiday with all the red and pink

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day and I will admit that every time it comes around, I consider filling the role of spiteful spinster. I’ve had some absolutely horrible Valentine’s days in my life, every single one of them with me being without a significant other. Even on top of that, some horrible V-days because of losses that still hurt to think about.

I’ve had a few that were pretty good. I sent flowers to my best friends when we were in college and signed them all ‘from a secret admirer.’ I should have sent one to myself because they all figured out it was me. Another year where I helped a friend’s boyfriend surprise said friend and it was awesome to see her shocked expression. I had hoped to do something special for friends this year, but time went by way too quickly.

This year, wasn’t too bad. On the 13th, I received a Valentine postcard from a friend who’s married with four kids. The fact that she took the time in her busy, busy days to write me means so much. That night I met at a pub with a friend of mine and we spent most of the time working on our websites. I stared at different fonts for a good half hour until ‘Phase’ didn’t even look like a real word anymore. But the food was good, the company good, and it’s always nice to go out to eat. I do it so rarely.

On Valentine’s Day, it was still snowing here and it was those big powdery flakes of snow. And yeah, I don’t like driving in snow, but it made outside so pretty. I didn’t grow up in places that had a lot of snow so to have snow on V-day was nice. During lunch, a pizza (deep-dish, chicago-style) was delivered for me. It was heart-shaped. Yes, my parents called from Tennessee to have a pizza delivered to me for V-day. With several cans of Coke. Pretty much I have the coolest parents in the world.

I’m not sure if it was the actual pizza or the thought, but the rest of the day, I was pretty buoyant. Which when you’re discussing Crime and Punishment with your students, buoyancy is humorous. When I got home, I took my dog for a walk, in the snow, which is always fun because she frolics and prances about in the snow. Then I had pizza for dinner and watched Castle which was ‘to be continued’ and it was a darn good cliffhanger.

Then I went to bed (yes, it was absurdly early, but I needed the sleep.)

Not the most exciting V-day in history, but nice. I felt loved by those who mattered.  And the pizza was awesome.

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