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Yesterday, I made several decisions. And not only did I make those decisions, I employed several actions to support those decisions. It required a little effort physically, and a lot of effort mentally. Hopefully, the result will be less money spent and more time writing.

Because after several years of writing solidly each week, this school year has seen a massive drop in pages written. I still write, sure, but usually one-shots that have nothing to do with my novels and are just to entertain me. I am waiting on the first bout of edits for Phase, and when that comes, I’ll have plenty to write/revise/fix/cut then. My spring break will be an intense editing session.

But even before that gets here, I have plenty I could be doing. I could be working on the second novel in the Phase Trilogy, which has parts already written, but it by no means a complete first draft. I could be redoing my very first novel which I still love and could definitely interest some publishers if I could just fix the major issues with it. I could be working on an almost complete novel that relates to nothing I’ve mentioned. It’s a skeleton of a draft now, desperately needing to be filled out with details and quiet moments and some research. Or I could be fiddling with the brand new idea I had over Christmas break, unlike anything I’ve written before, and am so excited about, I can barely contain blurting it out to everyone I know.

Okay, so that makes…four different projects that I should/could be working on right at this moment. Have I anything to show for it? Maybe a scene or page or two for each (if that) that has been conceived in the last six months.

Not acceptable.

And yes, my life, with teaching and grading has very little time for other pursuits, but if we counted the minutes and hours that I mindlessly stare into nothing or watch something I’ve already seen (I’m looking at you, Doctor Who), there’s time to write and work. Not a lot, but more than I’ve been putting in.

So, I’ve eliminated some of those distractions this weekend, so hopefully next time I blog about just this subject, I can say, ‘Well, look at that, I wrote a whole scene/chapter this week.’

And because I like it:

(all gifs tend to be from tumblr as I have no computer skills like that)

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